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Treasurer's Forms

In an effort to improve and facilitate our tracking of monies (income and expenses), please use the appropriate attached form when
  • submitting collected money (cash and/or checks) --   College_Club_Deposit_form_2017.pdf
    (Please submit monies along with the deposit form, in an envelope, noting committee or activity)
  • requesting reimbursement for expenses incurred -- Request_for_Payment_2015.pdf
    (Please include receipts with the request form - small receipts taped to an 8.5 x11 piece of paper please!)
  • shopping for College Club needs or events - Present this form at checkout when you shop. --   

 Please help us maintain proper financial records by providing complete information for income and expenses. 

Make requests for check reimbursements in advance to allow time to obtain the proper signatures.  

The attached forms are in a PDF format and should be readable on both PC and Apple platforms. Hard copies will be available at all meetings.
   Forms should be submitted to the committee chairperson, if applicable, or to the Treasurer 
  • In-person, at a board or general meeting. -- (Please do not expect checks to be issued on the spot at a meeting.)
  • Via US mail to the CC PO Mail Box or directly to the treasurer.

Deposit and Reimbursement Forms:




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